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Father Daughter Quotes

While both parents in a family are highly-regarded and loved no matter how strict or unreasonable, some kids are closer to one parent because of an unexplainable relationship. Whether you're comfortable around them, can speak your heart out, or depend on them in times of strife, you know they're always on the look out for your happiness and safety. That is the beauty of having parents. These father daughter quotes focus on one such relationship of just how much love pulsates back and forth.

Touching Father Daughter Quotes

"The father of a daughter is nothing but a high-class hostage. A father turns a stony face to his sons, berates them, shakes his antlers, paws the ground, sno

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Ellen DeGeneres to Accept People's Choice Humanitarian Award

Ellen DeGeneres gets the humanitarian award, along with St. The Actual honor comes using a $200,000 donation through Walgreens, that DeGeneres can be directing toward your hospital.

She joked that the award "sums me up perfectly as I'm each a human as well as an itarian."

DeGeneres can additionally be nominated pertaining to Favorite talk Show Host in the fan-voted People's Selection Awards, which in turn will be shown at the Microsoft Theater inside Los Angeles and also broadcast in CBS.

. Jude Children's research Hospital will be reaping the benefits.

Producers of the People's Option Awards announced Monday in which DeGeneres is likely to be recognized since the Favorite Humanitarian at Wednesday's ceremony

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Positive Thinking Exercises

It is said that tough times never last but tough people do. One often wonders what is the driving force behind their infallibility. Come to think of it, then one of the reasons could be optimism. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for people to come out trumps after dealing with the difficult situations in their lives. Almost all have encountered tough and frustrating phases in their lives. However, it is necessary to cut out the negativity and that can be done by indulging in some positive affirmations. It is not to say that only if one is going through a period of wreckage everywhere, one should follow these techniques and it would get them out of the mess. Instead, these exercises h

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EXCERPT: Joel Osteen's 'Everyday a Friday: How to Be Happier 7 Days a Week'

Want every day to have that five o'clock on Friday feeling?

Joel Osteen, pastor of the largest megachurch in the United States, tackles how to be happier seven days a week in his new book, "Every Day a Friday."

Osteen's keep-things-simple approach -- preaching about hope, happiness and prosperity -- has drawn millions of people to his televised sermons each week, and filled stadiums around the country.

"Our message is about the goodness of God," Osteen told ABC News. "It seems just that people come alive when they realize God is for me, he's got a plan for my life and I can do something great. I can be who he wants me to be."

From Scripture and life, Osteen shares

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